Support For You

Veterans HQ is a free and accessible one stop centre of support for ex armed forces personal, reservists, and their families. Veterans HQ is run by a team of trained Buddies supported by staff members.

Information & advice

Veterans HQ provides information, advice, support and resources covering a comprehensive range of issues that include:

  • Welfare and Benefits support;
    • Housing support;
    • Referral in to alcohol/drug detox or mental health support programmes;
    • Access to sports, cycling, walking, fishing, climbing & social activities;
    • Opportunities to volunteer

Health & wellbeing

  • Veterans HQ also provides a full health fitness and wellbeing programme that includes gym and fitness sessions; counselling, group therapies


  • We also run drop-in sessions for individuals wishing to job search or need help and support with a CV or job application.

Veterans in Custody

  • Veterans HQ also has a Custody Co-ordinator for those who are in, or about to leave the criminal justice system who require additional support.

Supporting Families

  • Veterans HQ strongly believes in supporting the family unit and has a dedicated Families Officer who is here to support you and your loved ones as your family members manages their transition from military life to a new place in the civilian world.

Anything & Everything Else

  • Maybe you need a brew & a round of toast; a friendly face; a warm, safe and secure place to chat with people who have shared your journey; or just a good listener…
  • Or maybe you feel able to offer other ex-Forces personnel your support…
  • Whatever is on your mind, just call in and speak to one of our Buddies and we’ll help you with the next steps.

It’s all FREE? Really?

  • All our services are free and confidential. Always.
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