Criminal Justice System

The number of former servicemen in prison or on probation role is now more than double the total British Forces that was deployed in Afghanistan, according to a new survey.

An estimated 20,000 veterans are now in the criminal justice system, with 8,500 in prison, over 10% of the prison population.

The proportion of those in prison who are veterans has risen by more than 30% in the last five years.

Probation staff in 62 offices across England and Wales say the vast majority of former soldiers referred by the courts for criminal justice supervision did not receive adequate support or counselling on leaving the armed forces.

In order to tackle this increasing problem Veterans HQ developed a new programme to provide support for veterans, reservists and their families who are engaged with the Criminal Justice System.

New Beginnings Programme

New Beginnings Programme was designed by Veterans HQ to provide a unique, multi-entry point support programme for Veterans engaged in the Criminal Justice System or at risk of offending or re-offending.

New Beginnings Programme is a 3 phase support programme with the following being undertaken at each phase:

Phase 1

Referral to Veterans HQ New Beginnings Programme by Police Custody Staff for a one to one visit to the Veteran to draw up a personal action plan….or

Phase 2

Referral to Veterans HQ New Beginnings Programme by HMP Prison Staff/VICSO’s or Probation Officers 3 months prior to release from Custody….or

Phase 3

Referral to Veterans HQ New Beginnings post release programme to provide continuing support for the veteran post release.

Veterans HQ New Beginnings Programme can provide the following:

  • Confidential Referral Pathways to Mental Health Partners
  • Employment Support
  • Job Search & CV Support
  • Sport Programmes
  • Anger Management Courses
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Housing Support
  • Free Gym Sessions
  • Access to Drug & Alcohol Recovery Programmes
  • Welfare & Benefit Support
  • Multi Media Programmes
  • 1 to 1 Support
  • Group Support

For more information please contact Andy Cooke, Custody Officer on 0151 261 9878.

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