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Whether you left service last week or last century it can be tough to get the skills you need for work or to find a job on Civvy Street, but there’s loads of support and opportunities out there!


If you’re leaving service or have recently left you’ll be familiar with The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) who are responsible for providing resettlement services for those leaving the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

Before resettlement, you should have met with a CTP Career Consultant who will support you throughout transition and the 2 years following. Through CTP you should be leaving service with a working CV suitable for the civilian job market. CTP also organise job fairs and workshops for service leavers, and if you’re still unemployed during the 2 years following your leaving date you can still attend these events.

Liverpool Veterans HQ says:

If you are a veteran who needs help in finding employment please call in to LVP HQ and we can discuss what might be most suitable for you, we work with a range of services and organisations who can support you in finding a job, including:

  • Liverpool in Work  offer an outreach service, hold local job events and fairs and list local vacancies. You can receive their regular jobs newsletter by signing up via the website
  • Sorted  comprises of seven charities which provide a wide range of employment related services and support for the forces community. To access support including help with CV writing, interview techniques and life skills you need to fill out an online form which can be found on their website here.
  • The Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA)  works alongside the CTP but, rather than ending 2 years after leaving the forces, RFEA provide life-long job finding advice, information and support. RFEA have monthly bulletins, events and job fairs and, one registered, will contact you directly about suitable vacancies and opportunities. The RFEA Employment Consultant for Liverpool is Robert Bacon who can be contacted via the website  here
  • The List  is the only job-seeking and business networking database serving the personal employment and business needs of ex-UK Forces, it is free to register and once you have done so you can search and apply for vacancies, attend monthly job-seekers and business networking meetings and receive career advice from In-Business members. You can register for The List via the website here
  • The Department for Work and Pensions has an Armed Services Champion (AFC)  in every Jobcentre Plus District. The Champion is there to make sure that Jobcentre Plus support, advice and guidance reflect the needs of the Service community.
  • The AFC at Job Centre is Alan Harrison (Merseyside) is based in St Helens.  Setting up a workshop on an appointment basis (one afternoon a month) – one to one about looking for a job, help with CV. In contact with lots of companies and guarantees interview, email Alan.harrison@jobcentreplus.gsi.gov.uk or call   0151 802 2007. More information on Jobcentre AFCs can be found  here
  • If you’re wounded, sick or injured LVP HQ can refer you to Remploy  or the Poppy Factory both of whom can support you in looking for work.

Training & Skills

If you’re looking to receive training or develop your skills there are lots of different organisations who can support this. LVP HQ can support you by helping develop your CV or providing access to a computer, internet, telephone or photocopier as well as referring to organisations including:

  • The Warrior Programme, a 3 day motivation and training programme with 12 month structured support and signposting
  • The Royal British Legion’s Lifeworks course, a fully funded 5 day course which equips Ex-Armed Forces personnel with the tools to get into and maintain a civilian job that is appropriate for them.
  • The Royal British Legion also offer an Employment Support Grant which can provide funding towards your training and skill development.

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