Finding affordable and appropriate housing can be a confusing business; here we guide you through some of the processes which stand between you and a place to call home.


Are you currently homeless? Homelessness doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping on the streets; if you sleep on a mate’s sofa or in their spare room or live in unsuitable accommodation you can be considered as being ‘homeless’. You can find more information about what ‘homelessness’ means on the Shelter website, including this helpful factsheet 

Liverpool Veterans HQ says:

Many services will require that you are registered as homeless with your local council. To do so you can:

Once registered as homeless a member of the LVP HQ team can suggest different services and forms of support depending on your situation, these include:

  • Referral to The Whitechapel Centre which offers a range of services including outreach workers and an open access drop-in centre
  • LVP have access to a small number of flats specifically held for veterans in need of accommodation
  • Referral to New Start is a social housing service in Liverpool that can help with providing supported accommodation provision for vulnerable adults, young people and children across the Merseyside area.

How to look for a home

Liverpool Veterans HQ says:

The first place to start your search for accommodation is Property Pool Plus  which is the residential social landlord website to access to get housed or rehoused in Merseyside:

  • To use the website you must first register by completing an online application (answering questions on what kind of property, whether you have family, or any medical issues etc.)
  • Once application your has gone through someone from Property Pool Plus will contact you and let you know what to bring with you to your local council One Stop Shop
  • You will then receive a number and login details
  • You can then start bidding on properties. Properties are categorised and you will be assigned a priority (A-E) based on your circumstances. Members of the Armed Forces within three months of discharge are automatically assigned Band B (‘high priority’).

LVP HQ recommend that prior to leaving service, if you know you need housing start this process early, before leaving.

A Benefits and Welfare Advisor is available at LVP HQ every Friday to help and advise on applying for Housing Benefit. Liverpool City Council exercise a ‘10 Day Promise’ for you receiving a decision if you take your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support claim form on of the One Stop Shops, more information here

If you have just moved into a property LVP HQ can help with furnishing and white goods either through donated items or by referring to the Royal British Legion’s Immediate Needs Grants

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