Redeveloping The Kings Barracks – a new Veterans Centre of Excellence

The Kings Barracks site at 59 Everton Road, Liverpool L6 2EH, has had a rich and varied life but for the last few years has been left in a dormant, dilapidated and abandoned with only a small portion of the building remaining in use by a local karate club.

Veterans HQ had always felt that the the history and heritage behind this beautiful and important building should be something to showcase and in 2017 a partnership was formed between Veterans HQ and the Sovini Group to explore re-developing the 2.3 acre Kings Barracks site into a Veterans Centre of Excellence and housing complex for the Liverpool City Region.

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In January 2018 our expression of interest was accepted by Liverpool City Council and work began to determine how best the site can be developed to help create a new and viable future for the Barracks whilst conserving and retaining its iconic military and social significance to both the former Kings Regiment and the City of Liverpool.

The development project will see our partnership collaborating with the armed forces community, Liverpool City Council, Heritage England and the local community as well as a wide range of specialist professionals.

If you have an interest and want to get involved in this exciting project, please contact Veterans HQ on 01512619878 or via

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